About Intuitive

About Intuitive Pilates

Intuitive Pilates and Wellness is a holistic approach to pursuing a healthy life intuitively and effortlessly. We believe that sustained wellness can be achieved primarily by reprogramming our brains and relearning the principles of nutrition and physical movement. This will lead us to make the best lifestyle choices based on our own judgement and not by the influence of fad diets and trends. We offer Pilates customized one-on-one or group lessons, as well as nutrition one-on-one consultations or group workshops.

My Story

Hello I’m Joana! I am a wife, and a mother of one, with a professional background in Marketing. I’m originally from Mexico but lived in Sweden, UK, USA and currently in Hungary. A series of events in my early thirties led me to make some radical lifestyle changes. I was introduced to the Pilates method after experiencing a lower back injury. Once my back was free of pain, I adopted Pilates as a lifetime practice for its immense benefits; better posture, body awareness, stronger core, a more focused and refreshed mind, among others. The following life-changing event happened after I was diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 31, this, as I believe, the end result of chronic stress and a weakened immune system as the main triggers, certainly most likely coped with some genetic predisposition. This took me to adopt a very selective diet. Yet the most meaningful event that triggered me to materialize my desire for learning holistic nutrition was becoming a mother; the idea of providing the most healthy and nourishing possible diet to my loved ones.

I believe that to achieve and sustain a healthy-balanced life we need to unlearn certain beliefs and rewire our brains, something which will not necessarily happen by following fad diets or fitness trends. It is important to understand the triggers that lead us to make poor food and lifestyle choices such as stress levels, physical or emotional trauma, habits etc. Secondly, it is also crucial that we learn the basics of nutrition and the benefits of adopting a whole foods diet and having physically active life. Having a well grounded knowledge will give us the tools to make the best decisions for our well being in an intuitive and effortless manner.

I have significant experience in teaching one-on-one mat based and reformer Pilates lessons and I am keen on spreading my love for this discipline. I am genuinely passionate about helping others in any area which will contribute to their wellbeing. Having experienced firsthand the detrimental effects of the lack of self care and nourishment, I am extremely empathetic and willing to make impactful changes in the lives of others for the better.


The aim of Intuitive Pilates and Wellness is to cultivate a healthy and sustainable mindset in people that will shift them into making healthy lifestyle and eating choices intuitively.


We envision more and more happy, healthy and vigorous souls!

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