They say human resources are the most important assets in a company, and at Intuitive Pilates and Wellness we wholeheartedly believe that. Adding value to an employee is adding value to the organization, and what better way to add value than to instil a healthy mindset which will bring benefits for all in the form of sustainable motivation and top performance. Gone are the days in which companies solely focused on employee benefits such as private health insurance. As a measure to stay competitive and retain employees companies ought to give more attention to illness prevention via solid and well-thought-out wellness programs where physical, mental and emotional factors are at the core.    

Benefits of a corporate wellness program:

  • Employees working at their best capabilities
  • Long term motivation and benefits for everyone; employer/employee win-win
  • Happier and healthier work environment
  • Mental health and stress management
  • Higher employee loyalty
  • Decreased absenteeism