“We change mindsets that will lead to embrace sustainable lifelong healthy habits”

At Intuitive Pilates and Wellness we believe that sustained wellness can be achieved primarily by reprogramming our brains and relearning the principles of nutrition and physical movement. This will lead us to make the best lifestyle choices based on our own judgement and not by the influence of fad diets and trends. We are here to guide you in your quest to pursuing a healthy life, intuitively and effortlessly.

Our Services


Private one-on-one Pilates lessons are designed to meet your personal needs and goals. If your goal is to build muscle strength, improve posture, flexibility and lessen muscular tension or simply staying active, then our personal sessions are the right fit for you! Classes are versatile and with a number of crops and exercises that target the most remote muscles.


Our nutrition consultation services are tailor-made to your needs and goals; improve wellbeing or weight management purposes. We design programs based upon current habits and preferences of the clients along with our basic principles of eating unprocessed, seasonal and local foods. But most importantly, we guide you to make your own healthy eating choices, intuitively.


Targeted to the 9 to 5s, our corporate services include pilates group or one-to-one lessons, and/or healthy eating workshops at the office premises. We instil healthy eating and living habits that can be incorporated to their busy lifestyles effortlessly.

What else we provide?

  • Shift to a healthier mindset and self care attitude

  • A more energized and productive self

  • A community of like-minded people where you can always turn to

Group Corporate Pilates Budapest


“Having a special diet is never easy but it can help a lot if someone shows you that there is option to make it easier. Thanks to Joana my attitude to the healthy lifestyle has changed, I learned which foods are the best for my illnesses and how I can cook foods that are not only easy to make but also healthy. But I think the most important thing is: thanks to her I got motivated to pay attention to both my physical and mental health.”

Judit Sz.

“I never thought I’d be able to say: I enjoy exercising! But thanks to Joana, that changed and now I can honestly say I look forward to our weekly sessions in her cozy studio. She’s not only knowledgeable but also, very patient and hands on. If you’re looking for something that helps you tone your body, increase your physical strenght and improve your posture while having fun, Intuitive Pilates is the way to go.”

Indira G.

“I have never had such an attentive trainer before. It feels great that she pays 120% attention only to me. She does not only observe and correct my moves and posture, but also considers whether I have any problem or muscle pain on that particular day. Based on all these insights, she then tailors the actual class to my needs. I would highly recommend her to everyone!”

Nóri T.

About us

Now more than ever, people and corporations acknowledge the importance of incorporating wellness practices in their lives as a measure to thrive in today’s fast paced environment and stay healthy. Intuitive Pilates and Wellness is a facilitator in the achievement of these wellness goals by bringing physical and healthy living coaching to your doorstep, at your own convenience.

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